Friday, June 20, 2014

June 2014

Lots of stuff happening this past month in my family. I released Archner today.

I'm working on online multiplayer in a game.

I'm working on Exo-Game still.

I'm working on a website.

My wife had a baby.

Things have been crazy, fun, and busy.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Having too much fun trying to get in and out of robots

I'm working on Exo game some more and having too much fun getting in and out of robots.

Getting out creates a clone.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day in my life.

I thought it would be cool to write out a day in my life so I tried to keep track of what I did during waking hours. Here is what I did for Thursday May 8th, 2014:

6:40 am - Get woken up by kids, lay on couch while they watch TV

7:00 am - Shower, shave, get dressed

7:30 am - Make waffles, toast for kids, pour bowl of oops all berries cereal for me. Get on computer, check emails, make small changes to personal projects like my phone app, Unity game, or MVC page. Send email to mortgage loan place. Check bank account and calendar for the day. Eat another bowl.

8:00 am - Give my wife Thyroid medicine, kiss her goodbye, say a prayer together

8:05 am - Leave and drive to work, double check pantry for any snacks I want to bring to work while leaving.

8:16 am - Arrive to work. I'm lucky enough to have a roughly 7 minute commute. I listen to video game music on the way in.

8:18 am - Get into office, setup laptop, check work emails and get music started. Sometimes I may end up talking to some of the other devs who are in already or get a hot chocolate/water setup. I'll enter any bugs that may not have been in the system. Today it's a log viewer exception that is unhandled. I attach the log files, create a bug in TFS and send an email to the PM to let him know that I created a bug and it'll be popping up on his radar when we scope the next build.

8:45 am - Support Team Standup. We talk about issues that customers are running into and any cases we are working on or need some coordination on.

9:00 am - Standup over, start working on replicating an older version of a CRM4 environment using Hyper V to replicate a customer issue. Run into Generic SQL error and startup SQL profiler to trace what is happening. Discover that an existing column is trying to be duplicated in the script from the tool I'm running.

10:00 am - Start writing this because I'd love to have something written of what a day in my life is like.

10:10 am - Perform SQL surgery, dropping columns in many tables. Trying to rollback from a recent version to a 5 year old version is painful.

10:37 am - Bounced ideas off what I'm doing with team members on whiteboard in my office, found alternative method to create the old data structure in a newer environment. Created custom CRM quote field, populated it with XML. Ran a tool to create 4k quotes. Now to test

10:56 am - Created 4000 quotes using a CRMservice proxy, added xml to each one.

11:34 am - Running Upgrade script with a timeout set. Running stopwatch along-side. Looks like the proxy connection is being reestablished correctly with the duration switch set.

11:40 am - Standup and stretch, go look out the window for a few minutes to let my eyes focus on something further away than 3 feet. Helps my eyes not feel as strained by the end of the day. I had Lasik surgery two years ago, was totally worth it and a life changer, but I notice my eyes need more breaks. I try to stand up once every hour or two to do this.

11:54 am - 4000 quotes converted. Timer says 20 minutes and 2 seconds. While that was running start working on Coded UI test to handle some web behavior. I use these for regression and smoke testing. Verified that a bug is still present. Need to code test to check for that specifically.

12:15 pm - Lunch break. I typically head home to see my wife and kids since I live close. Today I need to run some errands and have a meeting with the builder of my house. Got to see my wife and daughter again at the meeting. Pick up Costa Vida on the way back to work.

1:25 pm - Get back into the groove, check emails. Look at the task list, take a few moments to ponder out and plan the afternoon. I wonder if the lead dev has intellisense built in in his mind from an earlier conversation we had where he knew what methods to expect on lots of different objects.

1:47 pm - Talk with a team member about a web service we have that a client is running into issues with. Double check mine and run into certificate errors.

2:20 pm - Look through PBI's slated for the next build, ensure I have testing tasks setup, check to see if any are ready to test now. Looking at changesets checked in to see where the changes occurred to help identify areas to focus on along with the acceptance criteria. I really like the VS 2013 compare tools.

3:37 pm - Finished up Coded UI test. Started researching Build server and Test controller items. I'm trying to get a testing rig setup that is automated so I'm studying Microsoft's tools. Planned out the NIC cards to use in my Hyper V machines.

4:00 pm - Time for a stretch. Taking a walk helps give me time to ponder, and to rejuvenate, often times reaching breakthroughs. I walk around the building outside. It's a nice sunny day and my shoulders and neck relax as I stretch my legs. Helps prevent tension headaches.

4:30 pm Dev team standup

5:10 pm Work through a hands on lab on Build Servers some more on a VM.

5:50 pm Normally I leave work and head home to eat dinner and play with my kids. Today there is a .NET user group that one of my co-workers is speaking at so I decide to attend that after talking to my wife about it.

6:07 pm User group people arriving. Presentation was on Entity Framework.

8:10 pm Arrive home and get to see my kids again. I left a little early since my wife is 9 months pregnant it's harder for her to help the kids get in bed.

8:28 pm Got kids in bed and work on the laptop on various projects while sitting with them. Tonight it's learning more entity framework and spending some time on a Unity game.

9:03 pm Kids asleep, merged a branch in Git for the first time. Still trying to figure it out with Unity. Looked at MVC tutorials, responded to some facebook messages.

9:52 pm Watching 24 and folding laundry.

11:30 pm Get ready for bed, read scriptures, write in journal. Fall asleep. Day was over too fast and seems like there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ExoGame first prototype

Here is a link to try out Exo-Game (working title)

Space bar = Jump.
Left Ctrl = Punch.
Left Alt = Kick.

If using a wired xbox 360 controller B will shift between three speeds.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beat em up prototype

I've been working on a beat em up project. Here is the prototype so far.

I've also been trying out some networking. So far I can get the server started and the connections seem to happen but it's spawning too many players and the client and server seem out of sync by one character.
Network testing.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Game Developers Conference

This month I had the opportunity to attend GDC in San Francisco. It was awesome, inspiring and exhausting at the same time. I met tons of cool people like the 17-Bit guys, the Vlambeer guys, the Cyber Heist guys who are from the University of Utah, the Aztez guys, the Unity guys, the Sony guys, Capcom Vancouver (who did Dead Rising 3), Riot games, WB Games, Insomniac, Microsoft guys, Nintendo guys, Crypt of the Necrodancer guys, the Gone Home guys, the Goat Simulator guys, the Chair guys, the Unreal engine guys, the Ubi-Art framework guys, the Game Maker guys, and the Hyperlight drifter guys.

Highlights for me include trying out Sony's project Morpheus, and learning and getting questions answered. I really want to give VR a chance, but I'm still not 100% sold on it. Being a pilot fits it well, but first person game would not feel right still. I loved that I could walk up to lots of devs that were demoing their game and just talk to them and ask them questions on how they did things. I'm working on a beat em up in Unity and I happened to see one there. They had the editor open and could show me how they rigged up the camera to get the beat em up feel.

One thing I noticed is that Unity and PS4 were everywhere. So many games running on Unity and so many games on a PS4. I'm glad I've started picking up and learning Unity because it is taking over. Nintendo and Sony both had Unity in sections of their own booths. Not to mention the Unity booth had PS4s, Wii Us, and Xbones all running games on them all the time.

I'm hoping that the next time I go I would have my own game to show off and interact with people about.

Fresh pass

Career center and games in the back under GDC play.

Expo floor.

Project Morpheus.

Shark tank demo of Morpheus.

I found goat simulator. Hilarious game.

Steam machines were popular. I didn't care for the controller when I tried Strider.

Found Mario.

Hepatic walker.

History of video games museum had loads of Nintendo stuff.

IGF awards. Papers, please won most of them.

Game Developers choice awards.

View from the Hotel.

This Wacoms were amazing.

Messing around with them.

Ubi-Art framework demo by one of the programmers.

Lucasarts, RIP.

Shadows of the Empire.

Tie Fighter.

3D printing. (Seems more like molding to me)

4K TV running Unity game from a tablet.

Towerfall was rocking it at the Sony booth.

Game I got to learn camera rigging from.

My Morpheus ticket.

Sony Playstation booth was the biggest there.

Unity booth was the 2nd in size, but the busiest by far.

Unreal 4 was announced for public and a nice demo was shown in a theater room in the back.

Utah representing.

I won this keyboard from Microsoft by doing a Unity tutorial.

It has a screen for touch and browsing.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Testing out colliders and materials

I've been trying to level up my Unity skills some more. Here is a game that's a little tougher. This was made following a tutorial from the book Unity Game Development in 24 hours. The book is pretty good for getting into Unity. It's not very heavy on the scripting which I would actually prefer. It also doesn't cover anything from Unity 4.3 which has the 2D stuff built in. I've still enjoyed it so far and it's helped me learn some more details of different things in Unity that I haven't played with yet.

WASD and mouse controls again. That first person controller in Unity is easy to use to get games up and running.

Object is to knock the colored balls into the corner of the same color.